(1)        There shall be a Standing Committee for each Department (s) of Government.

(2)        Whenever there is any change in the composition of Departments or their nomenclature, the Speaker shall, in consultation with the Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs and the Minister concerned, issue suitable directions in regard to the reallocation of the existing Standing Committees or, as the case may be, the modification in their nomenclature and election of the new Standing Committees.

(3)        In addition to the Standing Committees constituted under rules 189, 195,  197, 199 and 201, there shall be elected by the Assembly after a general election the following Standing Committees for the duration of the Assembly for the departments noted against each:-


1. Standing Committee on Agriculture Agriculture
2. Standing Committee on  Industries   and Commerce Industries and Commerce
3. Standing Committee on Works  & Services Works& Services
4. Standing Committee on Cooperatives Cooperatives
5. Standing Committee on Culture,                   Tourism and Antiquities Culture, Tourism and Antiquities
6. Standing Committee on Higher, Technical Education and Research, School Education  (upto Matriculation) and  Special Education Higher, Technical Education and Research School Education                      (upto Matriculation)

Special Education

7. Standing Committee on Forest,                        Wildlife and Environment Forest, Wildlife and Environment
8. Standing Committee on Excise, Taxation & Narcotics Excise, Taxation & Narcotics
9. Standing Committee on Finance Finance
10. Standing Committee on Food Food
11. Standing Committee on  Livestock      & Fisheries Livestock &Fisheries
12. Standing Committee on Primary Health (BHU, HRC and Vertical Programmes) and Secondary Health  (Rest of Health) Health
13. Standing Committee on Home Home
14. Standing Committee on Local Government, Rural Development, Public Health Engineering, Housing Town Planning Local Government, Rural Development, Public Health Engineering, Housing Town Planning
15. Standing Committee on Information    and Archives Information and Archives
16. Standing Committee on Information,            Science and Technology Information,                             Science and Technology
17. Standing Committee on Irrigation Irrigation
18. Standing Committee on Labour and              Human Resources Labour and Human Resources Department
19. Standing Committee on Law & Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights Law & Parliamentary Affairs and  Human Rights
20. Standing Committee on School Education  (upto Matriculation) School Education                     (upto Matriculation)